Babinden is one of the great national women’s holidays, dedicated to the “grandmothers” – the women who helped give birth to the young brides. The rites on this day are mainly subordinated to the desire to show honor and respect to the elderly women who helped the women in labor. This holiday is pagan and …

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Archangelovden is a major autumn holiday in the Bulgarian calendar, on which the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the Council of the Archangels on November 8 every year (the Council of St. Archangel Michael and the other heavenly incorporeal forces). In many places village gatherings are organized on this day, health services are held. On Archangel’s …

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Kukeri tradition symbolizes the departure of winter and the return of new life with the arrival of warm days and is one of the oldest in the Bulgarian lands and dates back to 6000 years ago. In the time of the Thracians, it was celebrated in the days of the ancient Greek god of wine …

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