Dance tutorials and songs

Throughout our project, we danced and sang a lot! If you would like to dance and sing with us, you can do that with our tutorials listed below. Learn the basic steps of the dances and try to sing the songs by watching the videos captured during the blended mobility in Hungary. You can read more about dances and songs by clicking on the link, which will take you to Youtube.


Polka from Poland:

Mezőföld from Hungary:

Hora from Romania:

Ramo Ramo, Bulgaria:

Pontiac Dance Omal, Greece:



„Pod Jaworem” from Poland:

“Érik a szőlő”, Hungary:

“Aseară ți-am luat basma”, Romania:

“Dere geliyor dere”, Bulgaria:

“Milo mou Kokkino”, Greece:

We encourage you to go through the Youtube channel of Fundacja Inkubator Innowacji, where you can find other songs and steps from the partner countries and more!