Winter Holidays

For those living in Hungary, winter holidays hold special significance. Due to the cold weather and early darkness, these holidays bring pleasant variety and color to everyday life. The Advent period is the last four weeks of the year, a time of preparation for Christmas. Advent wreaths are set up in homes, which are inaugurated …

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Spring holidays

Hungarian spring holidays have a long tradition and cultural significance. The celebrations usually take place in March and April and reflect many symbols and traditions of Hungarian folklore. One of the best-known spring holidays in Hungary is National Day on March 15th. This holiday commemorates the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence, which began in …

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Sayings and proverbs

Phrases that are spread by oral tradition, are known to almost everyone in Hungary, and are not very long, are called proverbs. Their content is usually not without philosophical depths, and their main themes include morality, moral issues and philosophical reflections on various life situations. Their knowledge is not linked to age, gender or social …

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