Proverbs and sayings

What you don’t like, don’t do to the other. – behave the way you would like to be treated
Don’t let on tomorrow what you can do today. – don’t procrastinate
You have a book, you have a side. – learn, educate yourself
The stupid that is not arrogant looks like he is not stupid enough. – refers to those person with a superiority complex, that seem do know everything about a subject without having a solid base
Even if the wheel is square shaped, it will still turn around. – what goes around, comes back around
The fox that can not reach the grapes says that they are sour. – denying you want something because you can’t have it
The remains of the broken pot are the ones laughing. – a person that laughs about/critics another person, being in the same situation
Beat the iron while it’s hot. – do things in time
You make yourself the devil’s brother until you cross the lake – to do anything in order to reach your goal
God gives you what you want, but doesn’t put it in your bag . – knowing to take advantage of the opportunities that appear
The deaf doesn’t hear, but he assumes. – doing what you presume it’s needed from you
Where there is no head, pitty on the feet. – the importance of education and learning
The gift horse shouldn’t be checked at his teeth. Knowing how to appreciate a gift
Having the knife at his bone. – to be pressured about (time, context, etc)
To beat the water on the spot. – to stop, to have a blockage
Same Mary, but with a different hat. – to change the appearances
To open the wire into four. – to get into details
The truth is always in the middle. – every truth should be sen from different perspectives
To do how your head cuts you. – to do something following his own will
To make someone with eggs and vinegar. – to argue, to shame
To make someone sweet eyes. – to flirt
To make a horse out of a mosquito. – to exagerate
I got you with the painted crow. – to be caught lying
The small branch doesn’t go too far from the tree – To be similar to your parents/ your mentor
The small tree can destabilize the big carriage. – the importance of small details
The dogs bark, while the bear walks. – not paying attention to critics and gossips
What the man is doing with his own hand, even the devil can’t undo – to face the consequences of some actions
Who burned himself with soup will blow even in the yoghurt – someone that became more cautious after a negative experience
Who splits, makes his own part. – Someone who makes some personal benefits out of a job
Who looks alike stays together. – People with similar personalities will stay together
To have his butt in 2 boats. –to take advantage of 2 beneffits in the same time
If the child is not crying, the mom won’t nurse him. – knowing how to verbalize your needs
If two persons tell you that you are drunk, go to sleep. – listen to good advice from around
Protect me, God, from my own friends, because I can protect myself from the enemies. – being cautious about betrayals from known people
Thought to thought with happiness. – telepathic moment
The old hen makes the good soup. – the importance of experience
The thief that wasn’t caught is an honest salesman. – the benefit of the doubt
To beat the bull that pulls with the wipe. – To put excessive pressure on the persons that work most efficiently
All the bad leads to good. – the possibility that the future will bring something good
Better later than never. When you want to do something, the most important part is to start it.
The lie has short feet. – the tuth will always come out
I feel petty for you, but my heart breaks about me. – to prioritize my own needs
The need teaches the man. – learning by doing
The horse don’t die when the dogs want them to– not to take into account the critics/gossips of people around
Don’t give the birdie in your hand for the crow on the fence – not letting go of something that is stable
Looks like the devil is not that black after all. – not the worst/most hardest thing
Don’t put your nose, where your pot is not boiling – mind your own business
Not to see the woods because of the trees. – not being able to see the full picture
Take care what you wish for, it might come true. – What you hopes for is not always what you want.
The eyes that don’t see each other, forget each other. – the importance of keeping in touch
The slim cheek needs good spendings. – it is important to give yourself time to be nice and tidy
To be stupid, but lucky – to get our of a difficult situation just by being lucky
Even silence is an answer. – knowing how to interpret things correctly
There are 3 things that the man doesn’t know: when he is born, when he fells asleep and when he dies
The country is burning and the old lady is brushing her hair. – prioritizing small unimportant tasks in a critic situation