Proverbs and sayings

What you don’t like, don’t do to the other. – behave the way you would like to be treatedDon’t let on tomorrow what you can do today. – don’t procrastinateYou have a book, you have a side. – learn, educate yourselfThe stupid that is not arrogant looks like he is not stupid enough. – refers …

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Junii Brasovului – The Lads of Brasov

Junii Brașoveni, Junii Brașovului or Junii from Șcheii Brașovului is a group of riders from Șcheii Brașovului, today having only a ceremonial function, which, every year, parades on horseback through the streets of Brașov. Their celebration, according to some sources, would represent a series of traditions and customs that combine pre-Christian practices with Christian manifestations …

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