The daouli

The daouli, taulin or taul’ in the Pontiac dialect, is a membranous musical instrument of Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern folk music. In the form in which we find it today, it has been known since Byzantine times. It is a very widespread musical instrument, and its importance can be seen in secular and religious …

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Acceptance of diversity: Why you must learn it and then teach it!

Research shows that young children tend to accept diversity effortlessly. They form friendships with “different” children. However, as the children get older, this situation does not remain the same and the reason it differs is because the perceptions of adults, whether they are the children’s parents or the teachers and in general the wider society. …

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In your effort to open your child’s horizons in all directions, the way it learns to deal with and approach others is particularly important. In a society that is now multicultural and a world full of inequalities, a child must learn everything and perceive it as equal parts of the whole. After all, no one …

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The Pontiac lyra

The Pontiac lyra or kementzes in the Turkish dialect of the Pontiac Greeks, is the pre-eminent folk instrument of the people of the Pontiac land throughout the coastal region of the Black Sea and on the mainland as far as the depths of Cappadocia, to the east of Paphlagonia, an area that today belongs under …

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