Romanian superstitions

A superstition is a belief in which a certain fact has a mystical or magical explanation or just a cultural explanation, enforced by society or religion, without any scientific basis, the belief in spirits, charms, spells, omens, objects that bring good luck, supernatural forces. Some known superstitions in Romanian:

Don’t sit on the corner of the table, because you won’t get married.
Don’t let anyone clean you with a broom because you don’t get married anymore.
Don’t sew your clothes while you’re wearing them, because you’ll tie your tongue.
If your nose is itchy, you will get beaten up – usually, you ask a friend or someone to slap your hand.
If you hit your elbow, you meet a fool.


If you stumble with your left foot, you meet a fool. If you stumble with the right, you meet a smart person.
If your eye twitches, you are going to see someone again.
If you’ve left home, don’t turn back from the road because you’ll feel bad. When you leave the house, leave with the right foot first.
If a black cat blocks your path, you will have bad luck. You have to take 3 steps back.
If the funeral gets in your way when you leave the house, you will have bad luck. If the wedding comes your way when you leave the house, you are lucky.
If you hear the cuckoo singing, someone you know dies.
If you hiccup, someone talks about you. You can try to guess who is talking about you and if you have guessed the person, the hiccups will stop.
Don’t spit in the fire, you will make spots.
Don’t count your white hairs, they will multiply.
On New Year’s Eve, to have a good time in the new year, you must eat fish and grapes, have money with you and wear red panties. The fish is for sliding through trouble like a fish through water. Money in your pockets, to be rich in the new year. Eat 12 grapes to have 12 rich months, with health and wealth. Red panties are worn for luck in love.
If you break a mirror, you will have 7 years of bad luck.