History of Fejér county

Fejér county is the richest and most beautiful land in Hungary. Here you will find both mountainous and valley areas as well as plains, all in the name of picturesque beauty.

The great plain covering three quarters of the county rivals the richness of the arable land of the lowlands.

At the time, Fejér County was not spared the wars of liberation against the Turks, which destroyed some of its settlements. The depopulation of the villages was not a new process, as the abandonment of smaller settlements by the population was already present in the 16th century. The reason for this was double taxation (the Hungarian state and the Turkish conquest had to be taxed at the same time), so that the inhabitants tended to migrate to settlements with a higher population. The problem of the abandoned wastelands and villages was solved by settlements to save them from total destruction. The villages of Ercsi, Gánt, Csákvár, Csákberény, Pákozd, Sukoró, etc… were the villages that were saved by planting.

In 1720, the population of the county, including the county seat Székesfehérvár, exceeded 20,000. There was a mixture of Slovaks, Germans, Serbs and Hungarians.

Székesfehérvár is still the county seat of Fejér County and one of the most important and largest cities in the country. The city itself was founded by Prince Géza in 972, and as a byname it also bears the name “City of Kings” (because in the Middle Ages it was the royal, sacral and secular centre of the Kingdom of Hungary, and also the place where the coronation badges were kept). There are many sights in the city, including the Kingdom Hall, the Ruin Garden, the Bishop’s Cathedral, the Bory Castle, to name but a few.

Also in Fejér County is Mór, an ancient wine-producing town, the centre of the Mór wine region, famous throughout the country. Every year, a popular and much anticipated event is the Mór Wine Days, which offer guests a variety of cultural programmes.

One of the most important natural attractions of Fejér County is Lake Velence. Lake Velence is the third largest natural lake in the country and a very popular tourist destination. It is located between Budapest and Székesfehérvár and has many attractions, including the memorial house of the famous Hungarian writer Géza Gárdonyi and the Agárd Thermal and Spa Baths.

If you come to Hungary, you should definitely visit Fejér County, you will find many beauties and interesting things to see!

Eszter Stumpf

The Lake Velencei


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