Romanian contemporary wedding traditions

Romanian contemporary wedding traditions are full of old symbolic meanings. Some of the most famous are:

  • The groom’s shaving symbolizes his transition from boyhood to manhood and can be done literally or symbolically.
  • The bride’s cake is a tradition where the godmother breaks a cake above the bride’s head, to foretell the bride and groom’s wealth and happiness.
  • Crossing the threshold, where the groom takes the bride in his arms and crosses the threshold of the house with her, symbolizing the first obstacle the bride and groom have to overcome together.
  • The exchange of wedding rings symbolizes the connection and eternal love between the two spouses and takes place at the church, after the engagement service.
  • Throwing wheat or rice over the bride and groom’s head is a gesture of wishing abundance, wealth and good luck with children.
  • The bridal waltz is a special dance moment for the bride and groom, and then guests can join the dance floor to have fun.
  • Bride Stealing, a funny tradition where the groom’s friends steal the bride and the groom must offer rewards to get his bride back.
  • The bouquet toss, where the bride throws the bouquet and the one who catches it will be married first.

The bride’s veil, where the bride’s veil is taken from her head and placed on the head of an unmarried girl.

These wedding traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and continue to be respected in Romania, being an important part of the country’s culture and history.