Kapana Banitsa

There is hardly a Bulgarian who is not a fan of the traditional “Kapana Banitsa”. We remember it from childhood and its taste will never fade in our minds. It’s a sumptuous delicacy that we can eat with gusto and forget about counting calories. If you are wondering what kind of food to please your family during the holidays, then we suggest that you prepare this dough product and make everyone gasp in amazement – Kapana Banitsa, which has no equal.
Here are the products you need to have:

3 tea cup flour; • 3 eggs; • 5 tbsp. water; • pinch of salt; • 200 g of cheese – sirene; • 1 egg • a handful of parsley leaves; • 0.5 tea cup milk; • 4 tbsp. butter

Method of preparation:

To prepare the dough for the crusts, first you need to pour the flour on the counter and then make a well in it. Add all three eggs that are in your list of products. Pour the water and start kneading the dough. Don’t forget a pinch of salt. The finished dough is left for 30 minutes. In a bowl, crumble the cheese and add the fourth egg. Start stirring so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Add finely chopped parsley and finally add the milk. The butter is melted in a separate container.

Now comes the turn of the most specific part, namely the preparation of the crusts themselves. There is no tastier pie than one that you have prepared yourself from A to Z, rather than relying on ready-made crusts from the store. Shape the dough into 8 equal balls and start rolling them. Arrange them in a container, and between each crust, place a piece of baking paper that you have greased in advance, so that the finished crusts do not stick to it. Prepare a pan that you have greased in advance. At the bottom and put a crust. Pour water into two containers – put one on the stove to boil. When this happens, place one of the peels for about a minute – two in the boiling water. Immediately after that, take it out and immerse it in the cold water. Remove the skin and remove excess liquid from it. Place it on top of the one already in the tray. This is the procedure with every second crust, and the previous one is smeared with oil. Put the filling and set aside four crusts treated with hot water, which are placed on top. The kapana banitsa is baked in a preheated oven at 180 degrees until it has a nice, golden crust. Delight everyone at home with this incredibly delicious breakfast that has no equal.